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New generation Datalogger - with Touchscreen und GSM-modul:
++++ available 07/2016 ++++

Innovation 1: The standard touchscreen panel not only makes the operation easier and mistype impossible. It can also display the measured data directly in diagram form and the right unit. An on-site inspection of the measured data for plausibility can be done directly - gone in the pants measurements are now (almost) impossible.

Innovation 2: The GSM module (optional $ 1200, -) sends the measurement data daily via email. This has 2 concrete and real benefits:

  • After 7 days, you can prepare the evaluation and get it already done the day you disconnect the box. It saves a complete arrival and departure per measurement!

  • has the latest after 24 h to control whether the measurement is still working properly or the nice cleaning lady pulled the plug

    Please send me an offer.

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